Transfer PayZapp cash to Paytm wallet – A 100% Solid



Open the Paytm App & Click on 'Add Money' Option



Enter Amount



Click On 'Debit Card' Option



Enter detail (Card No/Expiry date/ CVV No)& Click 'Pay Now'



Enter PayzApp Pin



It's done! Money has been transferred successfully


Transfer PayZapp balance to Paytm Wallet – 100% solid.

Transferring PayZapp balance to paytm account using / Paytm app –  Click on add money option on the paytm wallet, Select visa debit card as payment method & put your PayZapp Card details like the name on PayZapp card, CVV, expiry date & click submit then put PayZapp PIN (same PIN that you uses to log in on PayZapp) to finish payment. You will get your PayZapp balance in Paytm Account within few second using this trick.

PayZapp cards are like visa debit/ credit card so It is very simple transfer your PayZapp money to the paytm wallet, just like you transfer your Bank Account balance to Paytm Wallet using debit/credit card or internet Banking too.

Steps to transfer PayZapp balance to Paytm account – 

  • Open Paytm,
  • Click on paytm wallet to add money
  • Put amount to transfer & click submit,
  • Select debit card payment option,
  • Fill your PayZapp card Number, Expiry date & CVV then click on submit,
  • Fill your PayZapp card PIN (Same PIN that you uses to log in on PayZapp)
  • Click on Submit,

Once you added money to Paytm you can simply transfer that to bank from paytm, if you have any issue,

Please follow link – Transfer Paytm cash to bank 

Finished, you should get your PayZapp money In you paytm wallet successfully, See details of payment success like below.



Transfer PayZapp money to the paytm wallet is just like adding money from bank account to Paytm wallet using visa debit/ credit card or net banking options.


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