Transfer PayZapp cash to bank account – Step by step guide



Open the PayzApp & tap on Pay / Send Money


Select “Bank” option


Enter details (Name, Account Number, IFSC, Amount,) & click on ‘Continue’ Button


Click on 'Confirm' button


It's done! Money has been transferred successfully

Transfer PayZapp money to bank account – 

Now transfer your PayZapp wallet balance to any Bank Account, how? Simply open your PayZapp mobile app, click on Pay/Send Money option then click on the bank icon to transfer money from PayZapp to the bank.


Key points to note-

  • Charges 2.36% (2% + 18% GST),
  • Your money will get credited instantly using IMPS service,
  • Send any amount between Rs.1 to Rs.5000,
  • You can transfer money between 3 AM to 9  PM only (you can add money at any time),
  • Month starts from 1st of every month and end on last date of that month,
  • If your transaction get failed your money will get credited into PayZapp wallet/Card within 7 working days (Don’t worry your money is always safe, we tested more than 10 time & got refund for all failed transactions)

PayZapp Bank Transfer Limit & Charges for Non-KYC wallet

  1. Your total limit is 20k/Month  & 5k/day,
  2. Charges: 2% + GST (Total 2.36% including Tax) applies.

PayZapp Bank transfer Limit & Charges for KYC approved wallet

  1. Your total limit is 50k/month,
  2. You can send up to 30k to HDFC account
  3. You can send 20k to Non- HDFC accout,
  4. You can send 5k/daily,
  5. 2.36% service charges including GST applies, for all KYC & non KYC users.

Upgrade PayZapp KYC

Steps to transfer money from PayZapp to bank account

  1. Open PayZapp (Between 3 AM – 9 PM | Download )
  2. Click on Pay/Send Money option on home screen,
  3. Click on Bank icon,
  4. Fill Account Holder’s Name, Account Number, IFSC Code, Any Amount between Rs.1 to Rs.10000,
  5. Click on continue.

Transfer PayZapp cash using PhonePe (Always free)

Note down PayZapp card number

  1. Make sure you have enough money in PayZapp if not please add money,
  2. Select PayZapp card under left menu,
  3. Note Down PayZapp Debit Card number, Expiry Date and CVV number (slide PayZapp card left to righ too see back side with CVV no)

Load PayZapp money to PhonePe

  1. Open PhonePe | Don’t have Download Now,
  2. Click on Wallet Topup icon,
  3. Fill amount that you want to transfer,
  4. Select debit card as payment method,
  5. Fill PayZapp card number & Submit,
  6. Fill PIN that you use to login to PayZapp & Submit.

Note – Very few PayZapp cards are not accepted by PhonePe, if you are facing the same issue, Transfer this PayZapp money to another PayZapp account & try to use PhonePe with New PayZapp card.

Transfer PhonePe money to bank

  1. Click on Wallet Topup icon,
  2. Select withdrawal option,
  3. Pick and slide wallet icon on your bank,
  4. Your money will get credited within 5 minutes.

PayZapp to bank transfer for free using phonepe


Transfer PayZapp cash to DigiBank free

If you have Digibank Account you can transfer PayZapp cash to it free free always.

  1. Open DigiBank app
  2. Click on Add money option
  3. Add money using Dbeit card option
  4. Fill any amount from 2000 to 10000 & use your PayZapp card (Vertual debit card) to make Payment


Do you Know*

  1. If you are facing any issue or want to transfer more than 5k in a day, Transfer PayZapp Cash to Paytm & then Transfer Paytm to the bank account (3% charges apply).
  2. You can also Send your credit card balance to bank using PayZapp,

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