Transfer paytm cash to bank account for free

Updated: Feb 19, 2018 1:51 am


Transfer money from paytm to the bank account - Steps

1 Open Paytm app & Click on Passbook & Select wallet option from the menu


2 Click on “Send Money to bank” option


3 Click on ‘Transfer’ to proceed


4 Enter details (Amount, Account Number, IFSC) & click ‘Send’ Button


5Your money should get transferred successfully



  • Paytm instantly send your money to bank account,
  • Paytm charges 3% as processing fee.
  • Money added using credit card can’t be transferred to bank account as this added under Paytm Gift Voucher
  • Pytm gift card balance can’t transferred to bank account

Send Bank to Bank money for free using UPI

Method 2 – Transfer Paytm wallet/Cash/Gift card balance to bank account for free.

Please note that Paytm provides this facility to their retail merchant but this also work for their customer if they register them self as merchant, it don’t ask to proof them self as merchant for now. Please follow steps below to send money to bank account for free

  • Go to Paytm Business page & signup.
  • Click on start accepting payment,
  • Select retail store option to accept money on Paytm QR code,
  • Provide basic detail like your Aadhaar number or PAN number, leave GST field empty,
  • Provide Bank account number where you want to receive money,
  • Generate & Download QR code,
  • Start accepting money directly into your bank account using QR code for free.

Note – Your money accepted using QR code will get transferred to your bank account on next working days, Download Paytm for Business to track all transactions

Limits & Charges to transfer money using paytm?

Transaction typeChargesTimeMin-Max(Rs)Limit
Loading MoneyFreeInstantly100-10K10K
Purchase at Store/OnlineFreeInstantlyUltdUltd
UPI transfer  
InstantlyFrom 1Ultd
Paytm to Paytm 


Paytm to Bank 


Refund for order 


3-7 daysUltdUltd

  1. Note – 3% charges will be applied on all the paytm wallet (including upgraded & non-upgraded).
  2. You can transfer minimum Rs 100 & Maximum Rs 5000 in a single transaction,
  3. You can send Maximum Rs. 10,000 in a month using non-upgraded paytm wallet,
  4. You can send Maximum Rs. 20000/Month using upgraded paytm wallet | know how to Upgrade paytm wallet?.
  5. Make sure you have at least 3 days old paytm account.
  6. Money transfer is only available using Paytm mobile app,
  7. You can’t add money to Paytm wallet using Credit card while you can buy Paytm gift voucher & can pay to any merchant using gift voucher using same process.


If you want to transfer paytm money from one wallet to another please follow below article,

How to transfer paytm cash to another paytm account.


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