Transfer cash from JioMoney to bank account – Step by step guide

Updated: Dec 11, 2018 2:52 pm


Open the Jio Money App & tap on Money Transfer


Select “Bank” option


select bank name and Enter details (Name, Account Number, IFSC, Amount,) & click on ‘Proceed’ Button


Click on 'Confirm & Pay' button


It's done! Money has been transferred successfully

Transfer cash from JioMoney to bank account –

Now Transfer cash from JioMoney to the bank account. – Simply open your JioMoney wallet, click on money transfer option, Select bank option & Fill required details to transfer your JioMoney balance to the bank account, for more details follow step-by-step guide.

Charges & limit –

  • There are 4.72% charges for this service.
  • You can transfer up to Rs. 2,000 at once. 
    You can send 2,000/day & max 20k in a month.

Steps to Transfer Jio money to bank-

  • Open Jio Money app(Download )
  • Click on money transfer option on home screen,
  • Click on Bank option,
  • select bank name, Fill account holder Name, Account number, IFSC code,
  • Click on Proceed


Your money will get credited instantly using IMPS service (In some rare cases it might get delayed by 2 days).

T&C of Jio money transfer service

  • You can directly transfer Jio money to bank account,
  • You can also transfer money from one Jio money account to another account,
  • You can also send your credit card balance to bank using Jio Money app,
  • You will be charge 4.72% of the money being transferred.

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