How to transfer paytm cash to bank account

How to transfer paytm cash to bank account

Transfer paytm cash to bank account without any charges see a 100% solid trick here – shop and transfer paytm cashback to bank account in few clicks today.

Note : Very few person know that there is a trick by which you can shop on Paytm and transfer paytm cashback to bank account with zero processing fee. So to transfer paytm cashback to bank account without charges see method 2.

Method 1 – Charges to transfer Paytm cash to bank account using this method is 4%.

  1. Go to Paytm wallet on PC.
  2.  Click “Transfer Money to Bank” option.
    1. Fill account holder name on Name field.
    2. Select bank name among list of given bank.
    3. Click get IFSC code.
      1. Select state.
      2. Select city.
      3. Select your branch.
      4. Press submit.

T&C to send money with method 1. 

  • Minimum send money to bank is Rs. 2000.
  • You will be charged 4% of money transferred to bank account.

4% charges matters for anyone that paytm charge for just sending money from paytm to bank account it should not be more than 0.5%.

Method 2 will guide you to send Paytm money to bank account free of cost ( without charge ? yes without any charge).

Method 2: Transfer paytm cash to bank account without any charges.

As many of you was facing issue to follow this technique so we are making it little easy. if you can understand this diagram then no need to read full tutorial otherwise read each step and try to Transfer paytm money to bank account without any charges. .  transfer paytm cash to bank account

Step 1.Are you person that fulfill all these conditions ?.

  1. Do you want to buy item from paytm ?. 
  2. Do you also want to return cash back to bank Account?.
  3. Make sure you have not ordered item yet, because cashback of previously ordered item can’t be transferred using this trick ?.

If you are not fulfilling these condition, don’t read anything because it’s not for you.   Step 2 :

  1. Select an item to purchase ( Say it item  A ) and calculate Cashback which you will receive on this item.
  2. For example cash back on item A is Rs 750. So this is the money which you have to transfer to bank account.
  3. Select any random item of priced approx 750 or less but not more than 750 ( say it item B).
  4. It means Price of Item B <= Cashback on Item A

Step 3 :

  1. Order item B ( Before ordering item A ).
  2. Now go to paytm order history and Cancel last ordered item (B).
  3. You will see cancellation images like here(optional).How to transfer paytm cash to bank account

how to transfer my paytm cash to my bank accountStep 4 :

  1. See Text REFUND on Paytm wallet page under latest transaction option. It should look like image belowHow to transfer paytm cash to bank account

If everything right till step 4 then go for step 5.

STEP 5 :

  1. Now order your desired item A and don’t forget to apply coupon code for cashback.
  2. Wait for cashback to credited in your paytm wallet after delivery of your item.
  3. If you have received your cashback then go to Paytm cash transaction history
  4. Click on REFUND option.

How to transfer paytm cash to bank accountRelax your money will automatically transferred to your bank a/c with in 3 day or maximum 7 day.This is the best trick to transfer paytm cash to bank account. Many of us has taken benefit of this trick. Paytm is trusted brand that never fraud on this method. it’s more than 10 times experimented by me personally.     If you still not understand the process see this video

If you want to transfer paytm money from one wallet to another then you can see another post on how to transfer paytm cash to another paytm account.

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