Transfer paytm cash to another paytm account

Updated: Jun 5, 2017 4:38 am
Transfer paytm cash to another paytm account

How to transfer paytm cash to another paytm account?

As we know paytm is the best place to enjoy many services like online recharge, paytm offers, huge discount on shopping,  discount on postpaid bill payment etc. Many of our friend get cash back from paytm after using many of the services from paytm. many of our friend want to transfer paytm wallet balance from his own paytm account to friend’s account. It is easy to use paytm wallet money instead of using debit, credit, or internet banking for each transaction. So i am giving solution of your question “how to transfer paytm cash to another paytm account?”. Simply follow below steps to resolve your problem to transfer/send paytm cash to another paytm account.


Note: Transfer paytm money to another paytm account using PC is not available.


Steps to send paytm money to another paytm account:


Transfer money from on wallet to another wallet Using mobile app.

  • Open & login to Paytm Mobile App | Download Here,
  • Click on Pay/Send button at home screen.
  • Put mobile number or scan QR code,
  • Fill the amount & an optional comment (like Gift from xyz).
  • Click on Send button,
  • Your friend will get money immediately.


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If your question was from below.
  1. How to send paytm money to friend ?. Or
  2. How to send paytm money to friends?
  3. Send paytm wallet to paytm wallet money.?
  4. How to send paytm wallet money ?
  5. Send paytm money to another paytm account.?
  6. Send paytm money without otp.?
  7. Pay with paytm.

We hope it has been resolved.

If your question is from below.

  • Send paytm money without mobile no or email id?.
  • Send paytm money using mobikwik wallet.
  • Transfer paytm money to the mobikwik wallet.
  • Send mobikwik money to paytm wallet.
  • Send Ola Money to Paytm/Mobikwik wallet.
  • How to hack paytm?
  • How get unlimited paytm wallet money for free?.
  • How to hack mobikwik?

There is no one on the internet that can give you genuine answer of these question. Because it is not very easy to hack well programmed applications of paytm and mobikwik yet. So don't search and waist your time on internet to search answer of these foolish question, Because if there exist any hacker he will never share these idea publicly, because hacking is a punishable offence, while ethical hacking is not punishable offence.

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