What is PayZapp card – A Virtual Debit card, Faster, easy & Safe

What is PayZapp card – A Virtual Debit card, Faster, easy & Safe

What is HDFC PayZapp card?

HDFC PayZapp cards are another type of debit cards / Virtual wallet / E-Wallet it has.

  • 16 digit card number.
  • Card Name printed on it.
  • Expiry date.
  • CVV number printed on the another part of PazApp Card.

PayZapp cards are much similar to your credit or Debit Card with some limitation.

  • You can’t transact on ATM using PayzApp cards.
  • You can’t take any physical copy of this PayzApp card yet to use.

PayZapp cards have many features like debit or credit cards.

  • You Can transact online on many eCommerce Site same as debit / Credit Card full payment option.
  • It is secured with PayzApp PIN same as debit or credit Card PIN.
  • PayzApp card PIN is same that you use to log in on your PayzApp account.

So you can shop or pay the bill on online eCommerce site using this 16 digits payZapp card.

Front Image of PayzApp Card.

Payzapp cards HDFCBack Image of PayzApp Card.Payzapp cards HDFC 

Other benefits of PayZapp cards.

  • It is faster payment option due to using PIN instead of OTP because OTP takes some time to reach on mobile number.
  • It Provides huge discount or Cashback on many online eCommerce site or mobile app.
  • Name on PayzAap card can be changed very easily as compared to changing the name on Visa debit or credit Cards.
  • PayzApp card PIN can also be changed in few click using PayzApp mobile App.

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