Benefits & Disadvantage of Paytm

Benefits & Disadvantage of Paytm

Benefits & drawbacks of Paytm wallet,


Paytm is India’s No.1 smart e-wallet with real time limited banking services – It’s fast, safe gives cashback on recharge, bill payment, ticket booking & shopping on the merchant stores.

But it may charge you to transfer your own money from Paytm to the bank in need, or can take up to 7 days to refund your money for cancelled item at Paytm, You can lose your total Paytm cash if someone gets access to your mobile number & Paytm clearly mentioned that such money will not be covered.


Please read the complete list of advantage & disadvantage of using Paytm, otherwise, you may charge for some services or your money may steal due to phone loss or unauthorized access to the mobile number.




Benefits of using Paytm wallet-

  • It is fast & safe,
  • No need to carry debit or credit card means fewer chances for being fraud,
  • Easily Return money to the same bank when you need,
  • Transfer money from Paytm to bank account as low as 2.04%,
  • Get Cashback on most of the store using Paytm wallet (but it’s promotional, can be removed such offer any time),
  • Less documentation at your home to Upgrade Paytm wallet limit (Now available for all cities)
  • Good wallet limit for KYC customer (25k) & Non-KYC customer (20k) both.
  • Easy & automatical refund to Paytm wallet in case of product cancellation at partners store.
  • Transfer money to the bank at any time at nominal charges (currently 2.04%)


Paytm Shopping drawback

  • Worst customer support in case you need help while shopping/canceling/returning items,
  • It can take up to 7 days for the money to be credited to the bank account if you Return Products on Paytm, but it’s free always.


Paytm Wallet Drawback

  • Money Transfer from Paytm to bank account can charge you up to 2.04%,
  • You may lose your available Paytm cash if you losses you mobile, they don’t have authentication using email id,
  • Dependency on the Internet while paying money as compare to using cash,
  • Not available on all major online & offline stores, means you have to keep your debit/credit card with you if you are going to buy from such store.


Paytm Security issue-

Paytm authenticate using mobile OTP, if someone get access to your mobile, he can misuse your money easily, Paytm never refund such fraud money.


There are always some advantage & the disadvantage of any product or service in the market, but you have to identify the real value of it according to demand & smartness.Keep in mind security & usage policy to make life easy & secure, please read the complete list of advantage & the disadvantage of using Paytm.

Keep in mind security & usage policy to be safe from unusual charges or fraud & make life smart with such smart wallet.

Other important facts about Paytm

Is it possible to Add money to the wallet and after getting Cashback transfer it to bank account?.

Add money to Paytm wallet & transfer to the bank account - If you are adding money by thinking so, you may not get benefits, because you will be able to transfer money from wallet to bank but you might be charged 2% of the money being transferred. So you will not get any profit or loss.

Do you have an upgraded Paytm wallet? - Upgrade your Paytm wallet by submitting KYC to Paytm & increase your monthly limit up to 1 lakh monthly.

Is it possible to add money first to the wallet and then buy product or recharge on Paytm?

You can add money to Paytm wallet for fast, secure & easy payment option, you will also get cashback on shopping, recharge, bill payment & all other service using Paytm wallet money.

If you love for shopping on another website, it will be better to add money to the wallet first & then pay using Paytm wallet & keep Debit/Credit card safe.

Can I shop on Paytm and transfer Paytm wallet balance to the bank account?

Yes, you can easily transfer Paytm wallet balance to the bank account.

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